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Peg Jam 2019 my second Jam.  The theme was "parallel worlds".  I like to design mechanically rich games, so I present you - Parachaos.

What it is

4 players in 4 parallel worlds have to fight the same boss together.  Your actions affect others.  You move, others move slightly because of you;  you jump, others jump a little;  you get knocked up, others also get launched into the air, so good luck with that.

Boss Attacks

I have implemented three attacks:



jump together with other so you can jump extra high to dodge this 

Bullet Hell

How can you survive this you say?  Let me introduce you to the abilities you randomly get.

Active abilities - press up to use, 20s cooldown

Meet and Greet

Call your friends to your world.  They stay for 5 seconds and don't take damage.


Parry all attacks in 0.5 seconds, if an attack is parried, heal for 1 heart.  Parry effect apply to all players.


For 5 seconds, movements and knockups don't affect others.

The World

Freeze time..  All worlds are frozen.  You limit is 5 seconds

Passive Abilities

Floating Medic

You fall like a feather.  If you stay in the air for 3 seconds, heal a random person.

Attack Boost

Triple attack damage, 20% chance to take extra damage.

Easy Revive

It takes 1 second to revive you, you are revived with 1 heart.

Last Wind

66% chance to avoid damage when health is at 1 heart.

How to Revive

All people not pressing any buttons for 4 seconds revives one fallen soilder.


Controller supported(I think)


PlayerMovementButton 1Button 2
1Arrow Keys./
4Numpad 8456Numpad 1Numpad 2


Things you don't need to read

I don't like to touch a Jam game after the Jam, so most likely I won't further develop this.  There are plenty of features that I wanted to implement but didn't have time, like:

  • audio
  • tutorial
  • visual indicators(ability cooldown, ability usage, boss about to charge, etc)
  • chance to be stunned by attacks
  • more boss attacks
  • more attack moves

And a lot can be improved.

I fell in my bad habit of doing everything alone, so I couldn't do much(I was thinking about joining a team this time).  However, making this far in 2 days was not bad.  I still got enough rest during the Jam.

And for people from Peg Jam, sorry I sucked at explaining my game.

This was a nice experience.  I'll go for another one, if I am still around.


Windows.zip 19 MB

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